Revillagigedo Islands

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Re·vil·la·gi·ge·do Islands

also Re·vil·la Gi·ge·do Islands  (rĭ-vē′ə-hĭ-hā′dō, rĕ-vē′yä-hē-hĕ′-)
An island group of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean south of Baja California. The rocky islands are surrounded by good fishing grounds.
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Their migration patterns have been tracked over 1,000 kilometers south to the Revillagigedos Islands and other remote areas south of the border.
Distribucion: De Baja California, Mexico, a Colombia, incluyendo las islas oceanicas (Galapagos, Isla del Coco, las Revillagigedos y Malpelo).
falcifer, la cual esta distribuida al norte de la region tropical de Pacifico Este (Sur de California, golfo de California e islas Revillagigedo).
Report on biological observations of the Revillagigedos expeditions.
funiculosus en Bahia Binners y Bahia Blanca, isla Socorro, archipielago Revillagigedo, empleando cuadrantes de 25 [m.sup.2].
funiculosus in Bahia Binners and Bahia Blanca, Socorro Island, Revillagigedo Archipelago, using 25 [m.sup.2] quadrants.
Anacapa, Santa Catalina, and San Clemente Islands, southern California (Richards and Engle 2001); Isla Guadalupe, Rocas Alijos, and Islas Revillagigedo (Allen and Robertson 1994).
Samples were collected in March 1985 in soft bottoms in four sublittoral stations (29-102 m) from Tiburon, Del Carmen and Maria Madre islands, as part of the expedition "Cortes"; and in November 1997, in dead coral substrates from seven localities (0.40 to 20.5 m) in Socorro Island, Revillagigedo as part of the expedition "Surpaclipp" (Fig.
247-275 in La Isla Socorro, reserva de la biosfera Archipielago de Revillagigedo. (A.
225-245 in La Isla Socorro, reserva de la biosfera Archipielago de Revillagigedo, Mexico (A.
A pesar de los recientes registros detallados sobre los corales escleractinios del Archipielago Revillagigedo, el trabajo taxonomico sobre esta fauna ha sido escaso.
Abstract: In spite of some recent detailed accounts about the scleractinian corals of the Archipielago de Revillagigedo, taxonomic work on this fauna has been sparse.