Revolving light

a light or lamp in a lighthouse so arranged as to appear and disappear at fixed intervals, either by being turned about an axis so as to show light only at intervals, or by having its light occasionally intercepted by a revolving screen.

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The great revolving light on the cliff at the channel flashed warm and golden against the clear northern sky, a trembling, quivering star of good hope.
Whenever it came back, the eyes of all on board, brightened and sparkled like itself: and there we all stood, watching this revolving light upon the rock at Holyhead, and praising it for its brightness and its friendly warning, and lauding it, in short, above all other signal lights that ever were displayed, until it once more glimmered faintly in the distance, far behind us.
She insists upon this preposterous scheme of being a pilot, and will talk of nothing but revolving lights and hidden rocks, and codes of signals, and nonsense of the kind.
Tenders are invited for Revolving Light Fix Type Magnetic Lamp Blue Colour Revolving Lamp For The Use Security Branch Four Vehicles Of Nanded Division.
The arching, melting, twirling solo for Daniel Proietto seemed to blend in with the revolving light on the floor.
It's got an orange revolving light on the roof because once it and its owner were nearly flattened by a truck that hadn't seen it.
The blaring of a siren and a revolving light will greet the arrival of each miner as they emerge from the depths of the mine.
A red revolving light, scintillating the sparkling aureole of the well balanced pans of justice and visible even from the most distant hovels, can be made to hover continuously over the congregation to lend more majesty to the selection seance.
Mona Hatoum's Misbah, Arabic for lamp, features a revolving light with cutouts as Mona's light moves round images of men with guns show up.
The first solution we tried was a revolving light which gave a good glow and a hypnotic show of lights.
The lighthouse engineer invented the revolving light used to warn ships of danger.
Jim Dobbin, owner of the 11-bedroom hotel, said: "We wanted to liven up our little nightclub so we put this revolving light on the roof.