n. & v.1.Rule.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Therefore make rome and rewle you nowe right, That we may with [??]is weried wight Wightely wende on oure waye.
pan to pe forme, why he com in lyknes of tongys, pis was pe cause: for a tong is pe best membur of a man whyl it is wel rewlyd ande pe werste whan it is oute of rewle. For as Seynt Iamys sayth: "A tong is fyred wyth pe fyre of helle', and may neure be schastysed wyl pat fyre brenneth hur.
CoCo texts Texts of CoCo Words The Canterbury Tales 206734 Everyman 8118 Confessio Amantis 241707 Orpheus and Eurydice 27703 The minor poems of Robert Henryson 5392 The morall fabillis of Esope the Phrygian 5346 The testament of Cresseid 7016 The vision of Piers Plowman 79767 Octavian 11627 Pearl 8418 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight 21270 The alliterative Morte Arthure 42112 The siege of Jerusalem 12044 The Towneley plays 99943 The York plays 99736 Troilus 75014 Rewle 15736 Merlin 293332 Total 1,261.015
This ends at the foot of signature u3v with the words "in rewle and in gouernaunce," but Caxton's edition then adds seamlessly to it from the top of signature u4r to signature y6v a continuation of the chronicle to 1461 found only in manuscripts descending from Caxton's edition (as is noted below).
the condicon that our Shippes myght passe to and fro in Saufte | and come byfore the citee of Rone and so It was for b(er) lay C * | shippes before or side] Rone and than was Rone beseged bothe by * the | lande and by water and when this was done the Erle come | vnto the king and loged him bitwen the abbey of Seint Kat(er)ine | and the king and thanne the abbay entreted the king and vpon | The text ends, that is, at the completion of a quire, but about a folio's length short of the conclusion of the EV to 1419, and there is no indication as to which of the two possible ending points--"our Englischmen" or "rewle and gouernawnce"--it may have once had or, indeed, whether it may once have continued beyond 1419.
In the fifteenth-century text, The Rewle of the Sustris Menouresses Enclosid, the quoted information is found on pages 88-92.
(?1464) That 3e myght ben advertysid and lernyd by theym the goode rewle ...
rewle and dant the windis, ondirstandis raison set hie in the manis hed,
Many aspects of the musical-liturgical practices of the house are detailed in the previously mentioned Rewle of the Sustris Menouresses Enclosid and its appendix (Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Bodley 585, fifteenth century).
for holsom guydyng, rewle, and governyng" of the freemen).
And whanne crist hadde founden [thorn]e noble abbesse / and here holy couent he ladde hem in to paradys / and badde hem abide [thorn]ere til here abbey were newe / bylded [thorn]e ffadir of heuene is ffoundour of [thorn]is abbey [thorn]e / sone schal rewle it and make officers and sette euery la/dy in here degre after here dignite aske[thorn] and [thorn]e holygost / schal vysite it and comforte [thorn]e ladyes and see [thorn]at echone / of hem kepe wel here obseruaunce A jhesu mercy wher / may [thorn]is abbey and [thorn]is religioun best be ifounded certes / neuer so wel ne so semely as in a place [thorn]at is cleped / conscience.
My thank ys queynt / my purs his stuf hath lore And myn karkeys / replet of heuynesse Be war ther fore / y rede the 'the' more And to a mene rewle / now dresse the.