v. t.1.To raise.
v. i.1.To go on a military expedition.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Kaart der Reyse van Abel Tasman volgens syn eygen opstel ...
ZEW's Reyse warned that cybercriminals or some other technical issue, could suddenly hit any of the largest crypto platforms, for example Ethereum -- whose technology drives a lot of other digital assets, which could "render all these currencies obsolete."
(15) The full title of the first self-standing edition of the texts published in 1648 reads: Journael, Ende Historische Verhael / van de treffelijcke Reyse / gedaen naer Oost-Indien, ende China, met elf Schepen.
Two journals were published: 'Journael ofte beschrijvinghe van de wonderlicke reyse', by captain Schouten (first in 1618) and 'Spieghel der Australische navigatie', by expedition leader Jacob le Maire, son of Isaac (first in 1622).
(28) The poet in fact gestures toward a shared cultural patrimony in his first major work, where he writes respectfully about how his own poem "hathe not the florishinge vayne | of Gowers phrase / adornde in suche sorte | other of Chawcer, that poete soverayne." "[T]o aske their cownselle," the later poet continues, "I cam far to shorte | Lydgate herein / gave me no comforte | as dothe appeare / whoe so shall it reade |I cannot reyse vpp them / so longe a go deade." (29) The deferential pose is, of course, commonplace for those writing subsequent to the great medieval triad of Gower, Chaucer, and Lydgate, but Forrest's ties to this earlier native literature also extend beyond the merely superficial.
The neighbouring polders gave help, but 'voor deze reyse, uit gratie en zonder prejuditie van dien' ['for this single time, as a favour, and with no consequences'].
(26) Preparatory information, Anna van Assche: 'Als worddende heuren buyck d'eene reyse ingetrocken, ende daer naer soo styve opgeheven dat men daerop zoude getrommelt hebben ...
Dupuis and his wife Amy of Worcester, and Renee Fazio and her husband Thomas of New Bedford; her 16 beloved grandchildren, Mark, Melissa, Mateo, Jacob, Kyle, Joshua, Ronald III, Robert II, Alexandra, Kirsten, Reyse, Ashleigh, Nathan, Madison, Nicholas and Sydney; three great-grandchildren, Austin, Mia and Lilly; brothers Richard and Peter, a sister Thelma, and many nieces, nephews and friends.
Francis Steuart, Scottish Influences in Russian History (Glasgow: James Maclehose and Sons, 1913), 18; Nicolaas Witsen, Moscovische Reyse, 1664-1665, 3 vols.
Hvorledis hand tillige med fire Ovindis Personer frier en bedrovelig Reyse og Skibbrud kom i Land paa det Pinesiske Eyland sore ey tilforn af Folk var beboed ; Og hvorledis hand med fornovnte fire Ovindis Personer (iblant huilke den eene var en Merinde) aflede 47.
The text cited here is Adam Olcarius, Vermehrte Newe Beschreibung Der Muscowitischen vnd Persischen Reyse, ed.