Rh incompatibility

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Noun1.Rh incompatibility - incompatibility of Rh blood types; a transfusion of Rh-positive blood given to a Rh-negative person (or vice versa) can result in hemolysis and anemia
incompatibility - (immunology) the degree to which the body's immune system will try to reject foreign material (as transfused blood or transplanted tissue)
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This approach has been used to determine whether a fetus is Rh negative or positive in the context of the risk for Rh incompatibility.
We will look at Rh incompatibility for our example.
detection of Rh incompatibility, which can cause severe anemia in a newborn baby, and many others can be developed using the same approach.
Rh incompatibility is less of a problem for the blood supply because about 84 percent of Americans are Rh-positive and even someone who is Rh-negative can withstand one accidental infusion of Rh-positive blood without having a severe reaction.