Rh-negative blood

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Noun1.Rh-negative blood - the blood group whose red cells lack the Rh factor (Rh antigen)
blood group, blood type - human blood cells (usually just the red blood cells) that have the same antigens
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People with Rh-negative blood, including A-, B- and O-, comprise just 15% of the population, yet their blood can be safely transfused to the remaining 85%.
Many of these older patients live to develop antibodies and are, thus, in a potentially dangerous situation that mandates they be given Rh-negative blood because subsequent Rh-positive blood transfusions produce negative reactions.
Exchange transfusion by which the infant's Rh-positive blood is sequentially replaced with donor Rh-negative blood was developed.
If you have Rh-negative blood and get pregnant by a man with Rh-positive blood, your children will most likely have Rh-positive blood.
Mixing Rh-positive blood with Rh-negative blood can be dangerous.
Complete blood exchange transfusions of newborn babies with Rh-negative blood incompatibility were already being done in North America.
Eventually researchers hope to be able to take all donated blood and produce type O, Rh-negative blood, the "universal donor" blood that can't harm anyone who receives it.