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n.1.(Zool.) A minute smooth rodlike or fusiform structure found in the tissues of many Turbellaria.
2.(Zool.) One of the hard parts forming the ovipositor of insects.
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Minor minerals include schreibersite, rhabdite, troilite, cohenite, graphite, and sphalerite (Buchwald 1975; Dominik 1976).
In the epidermis there are deeply located rhabdites and unicell glands which open to the surface.
It was possible to identify the epidermis containing rhabdites and glands; lumen of the pharynx; part of the pharynx cavity, and bowel lumen (see Table 1 and Figure 2).
The epidermis containing the rhabdites can be seen, together with the gastrovascular cavity and the lumen of pharynx.