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 (rē′shē-ə, -shə)
An ancient Roman province that included present-day eastern Switzerland and western Austria. It was added to the Roman Empire during the reign of Augustus.

Rhae′tian adj. & n.


(Languages) Also called: Rhaeto-Romanic a group of Romance languages or dialects spoken in certain valleys of the Alps, including Romansch, Ladin, and Friulian
1. (Languages) denoting or relating to this group of languages
2. (Placename) of or relating to Rhaetia
3. (Historical Terms) of or relating to Rhaetia


(ˈri ʃən, -ʃi ən)

1. of or pertaining to Rhaetia.
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IT'S about thirty minutes after arriving in Switzerland, as our train snakes around the grand curves and through the magnificent valleys of the Unesco World Heritage Rhaetian Railway line from Zurich to Saint Moritz, that I first start to feel like a proper film star.
A Single Star is at her side, and reigns With her o'er half the lovely heaven; but still Yon sunny Sea heaves brightly, and remains Rolled o'er the peak of the far Rhaetian hill, As Day and Night contending were, until Nature reclaimed her order--gently flows The deep-dyed Brenta, where their hues instil The odorous Purple of a new-born rose, Which streams upon her stream, and glassed within it glows, Stanza XXIX.
Project author tunnel to repair the Magnacuntunnels Rhaetian Railway in the stretch Guarda - Ardez in the Lower Engadine.
The sites range from the Last Supper fresco at the Church of Santa Maria Della Grazie; to the ancient rock drawings near the charming town of Brescia; to the beautiful city of Mantua; to the Rhaetian Railway, which crosses breathtaking Alpine landscapes.
Celebrations are also afoot for the 125-year anniversary of the Rhaetian Railway, which operates most of the trains in this spectacular land of Heidi.
Finally, no visit to Graubunden would be complete without a ride on the Rhaetian Railway.
pickfordi Duffin, 1998, were originally described from the Rhaetian of England and also occur in the Late Triassic of France (Cuny et al.
Antonio Carluccio (left) and Gennaro Contaldo are in the Rhaetian Alps, where they discover how tough life in the mountains was during the war.
The Rhaetian Alps eat climbers like candy, Yet the Cherangani are mild.
A resurgent Catholicism brought increasing pressure to bear on the Rhaetian Reformed churches, until in 1620 Catholic aristocrats supported by Spain rose up and attacked Protestant churches and communities in the Valtellina, killing hundreds.
There is also a spectacular journey on the Rhaetian Railway over viaducts and bridges past waterfalls and ravines over the Bernina Pass with a stop at St Moritz on the way back.