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A group of several Romance languages, including Romansh, spoken in southern Switzerland, northern Italy, and the Tyrol.

[Latin Rhaetus, of Rhaetia, a Roman province + Romance.]


or Rhe•to-Ro•mance

(ˌri toʊ roʊˈmæns, -ˈroʊ mæns)
a group of Romance dialects spoken in Alpine regions of NE Italy and the canton of Grisons in Switzerland, comprising Romansh, together with the Engadine dialects, Ladin, and, in most classifications, Friulian.
[1875–80; Rhaeto-, representing Latin Rhaetus Rhaetian]
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Noun1.Rhaeto-Romance - Romance dialects spoken in parts of southeastern Switzerland and northern Italy and the Tyrol
Latinian language, Romance language, Romance - the group of languages derived from Latin
Friuli, Friulian - a Rhaeto-Romance dialect spoken in northeastern Italy
Ladin - a Rhaeto-Romance dialect of Romansh spoken in southeastern Switzerland
Romansh, Rumansh - the Rhaeto-Romance language spoken in southeastern Switzerland; it is an official language of Switzerland
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This is not just a confrontation between the older-language cantons and la Suisse romande but between the Alemanic part of the country and all of the 'Latin'speakers-French, Italian, and Rhaeto-Romance.