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An ancient city of Media southeast of modern Tehran in north-central Iran. One of the greatest cities of ancient times, it was traditionally founded in 3000 bc and flourished until the Middle Ages. The city was finally destroyed by Tatars in the 13th century ad.
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There, disguised as a boy, she begs and steals whatever she can to keep them alive in the market of nearby Rhagae.
Malcolm Colledge in his book The Parthians(10) lists some of them; the Suren family based on Seistan, which had the hereditary right to crown the king at the coronation ceremony (an earlier head of his family had defeated Crassus at Carrhae); the house of Karen whose seat lay probably at Nihavand in Media; the family of Gew based on Hyrcania, and that of Mihran on Rhagae (forerunner of modern Tehran).