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a.1.Of or pertaining to a rheometer or rheometry.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The minimum rheometric torque also shows a slight increase with all increase in hardness of the precursor scrap, as is observed in the case of Mooney viscosity.
The kinetics of the crosslinking reaction was studied from the changes in rheometric torque with time.
Rheometric Scientific created a Customer Support Center for technical inquiries ...
All the compounds were given a maturation time of 24 hours (h) at 25[degrees]C and were cured at their respective rheometric optimum cure times at 150[degrees]C in a steam heated hydraulic press.
Rheometric Scientific's Protein Solutions division is now licensing its Aviv Plasmon Waveguide Resonance technology, a novel spectroscopic technique ...
The complex viscosity of the TLCP/LDPE blends with and without compatibilizer was measured at 290[degrees]C as a function of frequency with an Advanced Rheometric Expansion System (ARES[TM]) rheometer (Rheometric Scientific) using 25-mm parallel plates.
This DoE has been conceived by imposing as variable factors the sulfur content in the formulation and the vulcanization time, while the dependent variables are those properties that provide a response to the variations imposed on the cited factors (such as mechanical, rheometric and set properties).
The kinetics of rubber vulcanization, as well as rheometric properties of compounds were studied using MonTech DRPA 300 rheometer (ISO 6502).
The rheometric properties of the rubber mixes were determined by using Monsanto Oscillating Disc Rheometer [14].
After that, blending and producing the nanocomposite sample and also analyzing and testing the properties of sample vulcanization were done by rheometric test.
The sample preparation method, in conjunction with the use of rheometric indexes that have been proposed before (4), yields significantly more accurate and reproducible results, and also saves time and money.