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a.1.Of or pertaining to a rheometer or rheometry.
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Rheometric curves were taken, and crosslinking density and the nature of the crosslinking network (the distribution of sulfur bridges length) were assessed.
This was accompanied by acceleration of rheometric characteristics indicating enhancement in compatibility by different extents between the originally immiscible components of the blend.
After that, blending and producing the nanocomposite sample and also analyzing and testing the properties of sample vulcanization were done by rheometric test.
The sample preparation method, in conjunction with the use of rheometric indexes that have been proposed before (4), yields significantly more accurate and reproducible results, and also saves time and money.
This comprehensive guide covers material mechanics, the rheophysics of pastes and granular materials, experimental procedures and problems in paste viscometry, local rheometry, nonviscometric flows of yield stress fluids, granular flows in a fictional regime, and practical rheometric techniques.
When TA Instruments, a world leader in thermal analysis and rheometer systems, acquired Rheometric Scientific, a leading rheometer supplier, they were challenged to find a way to add several new product lines to their facility while maintaining the same amount of space.
Major suppliers of this type of rheometer include Thermo Electron (Haake), TA Instruments (including the former Rheometric line), and Malvern Instruments (Bohlin).
TA Instruments' addition of Rheometric combines with its commanding presence in thermal analysis to place it in the fourth position.
In 2003, TA Instruments acquired Rheometric Scientific, the leading manufacturer of control strain rheometers.
We made significant progress on many fronts during the third quarter including the recently announced acquisition of the rheology product line of Rheometric Scientific and the initiation of a stock buyback program with $54 million of stock purchased to date.
For over 30 years, Rheometric Scientific has offered a complete integrated solution for today's material testing laboratory.
Rheometric, which manufactures instrumentation and provides laboratory services for material and bimolecular characterization, finished the last three months of 2001 with reported sales of $7.