Rhine Province

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Rhine′ Prov′ince

a former province of Prussia, mostly W of the Rhine: now divided between Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine–Westphalia. Also called Rhineland. German, Rheinland.
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Some chapters in the book provide practical pointers to readers interested in further research in the history of censorship: Christian Liedtke discusses relevant documents from the archive of the Heinrich-Heine-Institut; Enno Stahl describes the censorship apparatus of the Prussian Rhine province, as reflected in the archival holdings of the Landesarchiv of North-Rhine Westphalia; and, further afield geographically, Norbert Bachleitner gives a progress report on the significant digital research project into book censorship in the Habsburg Empire in the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century (see the relevant website at <<http://www.
As the subtitle of his book indicates, he focuses primarily on the graduates of the semiclassical and modern schools in the rapidly industrializing Rhine province during the second half of the nineteenth century.