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(Bot.) a lichen (Lecidea geographica.) growing on stones in curious maplike figures.
- Dr. Prior.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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! Rhizocarpon geographicum (L.) DC: 5: FGR (MACB 108915), SCH (VAL_Lich 30564); 16: ARB (MACB 109271); 17: ELS (SANT-Lich 12235).
x Rhizocarpon geographicum x Trapelia coarctata x Foliose Heterodea beaugleholei x x x Heterodea muelleri x x Punctelia borreri x Punctelia subrudecta Xanthoparmelia amphixantha x Xanthoparmelia barbatica x x Xanthoparmelia bungendorensis Xanthoparmelia elixii x Xanthoparmelia exillima x Xanthoparmelia x flavescentireagens Xanthoparmelia flindersiana x Xanthoparmelia glabrans x x Xanthoparmelia incerta Xanthoparmelia metastrigosa Xanthoparmelia neorimalis x Xanthoparmelia x x pseudoamphixantha Xanthoparmelia pseudohypoleia Xanthoparmelia remanens Xanthoparmelia subcrustacea x Xanthoparmelia substrigosa Xanthoparmelia taractica Xanthoparmelia tasmanica Xanthoparmelia versicolor Xanthoparmelia sp.
Chronological control for trimline age was based on [.sup.14]C and lichenometric dates, the latter based on the diameter of the widespread crustose species Rhizocarpon geographicum. From these observations, Andrews et al.
Taking advantage of the extremely slow growth rate and longevity of certain lichens, some geologists have been investigating species such as Rhizocarpon geographicum to estimate the ages of various geological events.
In recent glacial moraines (about than 40 years old) formed by relatively large blocks of rock, the pioneer community that forms consists mainly of lichens, mostly crustose forms (Caloplaca sublobulata, Acarospora macrocyclos, Buellia latermarginata, Aspicilia glaciaris, and Rhizocarpon geographicum), together with some small thalluses of the fruticose biotope of Usnea antarctica.
Rhizocarpon geographicum (L.) DC.--8: SFB & XLL (BCN-Lich 17724), Rcc; 10: BM (SALA-L 5017), SFB & XLL (BCN-Lich 17740), Rcc; 12: EA, ES & RA (MACB 102356), Rcc.
Lichen cover was generally extensive, with Lecanora epibryon and Rhizocarpon geographicum being the most abundant (lichen nomenclature follows Thomson, 1990).
- - Parmelia omphalodes (2)/2 - Peltigera aphthosa - (2)/3 Rhizocarpon geographicum (2)/3 - Rinodina sp.
- - Parmelia omphalodes (2)/2 - Peltigera aphthosa - - Rhizocarpon geographicum (2)/3 - Rinodina sp.
- - Parmelia omphalodes - - Peltigera aphthosa - - Rhizocarpon geographicum (2)/3 - Rinodina sp.
Rhizocarpon geographicum (L.) DC.--Al: Egea & Llimona (1981a, b, 1983, 1987, 1994); Ca: Colmeiro (1867), Crespi (1930), Rowe & Egea (1986, 1988), Egea & Rowe (1987), Rowe et al.
Las superficies inclinadas de grandes bloques cuarciticos, duros y expuestos propician la aparicion de Acarospora hilaris, Dimelaena oreina, Caloplaca carphinea, mientras en superficies planas o ligeramente inclinadas, en zonas con alta insolacion, son colonizadas por Rhizocarpon geographicum, Rh.