n.1.(Bot.) One of a proposed class of flowering plants growning on the roots of other plants and destitute of green foliage.
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Commercial rhizobium inoculant was applied at the recommended rate (MicroBio RhizoGen Corp.
With the company's recent change to Becker Underwood from MicroBio RhizoGen, Libby says that marketing is taking more of a North American focus.
of employees 16 4 Media Usage Advertising 75% Sales promotion 10% Direct marketing 10% Internet marketing 5% Agribusiness Clients: Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, 1982; Saskatchewan Crop Insurance, 1993; Saskatchewan Goat Marketing Cooperation (projects), 2000; Agricultural Institute of Management of Saskatchewan, 1993; MircoBio RhizoGen Cooperation, 1998; Combine World, 1995 THE MARTIN AGENCY Richmond, Va.