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Noun1.Rhizopoda - creeping protozoans: amoebas and foraminifersRhizopoda - creeping protozoans: amoebas and foraminifers
class Sarcodina, Sarcodina - characterized by the formation of pseudopods for locomotion and taking food: Actinopoda; Rhizopoda
rhizopod, rhizopodan - protozoa characterized by a pseudopod
Amoebida, Amoebina, order Amoebida, order Amoebina - the animal order including amoebas
order Testacea, Testacea - testacean rhizopods
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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2003) and others, suggest that in the rainy season rhizopods are washed out of the marginal vegetation and dragged to the plankton, so that the species richness recorded in the plankton reflects the fauna of the entire environment reasonably well.