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Afterwards, Rhodes scholar. German none the less for that.
Former White House official, Paralympic ski medallist, Fortune 500 business consultant, Rhodes Scholar, and best-selling author Bonnie St.
He has degrees in economics from the LSE and Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar
A former Rhodes scholar and an avid runner into his 70s, Lugar served as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and also headed the Agriculture Committee.
Maureen Dunne was awarded "Outstanding COD female honor graduate" and was the first Rhodes Scholar from a junior college in the nation.
Pardis Sabeti is a Rhodes Scholar, rock musician, computational geneticist and one of Time magazine's Persons of the Year for 2014 for her work leading the war against Ebola in Africa.
He then earned a graduate economics degree as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.
Askew, a senior at the United States Military Academy, was recently named a Rhodes Scholar. This is a prestigious scholarship that allows students from around the world to pursue graduate studies at the University of Oxford.
Jagannathan was nominated for the award by 2016 Rhodes Scholar and NYUAD alumna Farah Shamout.
These words apparently inflamed the committee chair, then Rice University president George Rupp, whose first biting words to me at the night-before-interviews dinner were, and I quote verbatim, "So, you think you're predestined to be a Rhodes Scholar?" Rupp later spent time during my interview lamenting my passion for the poetry of Keats in the most pejorative term he could think of : "it's...
Two years later, Rhodes Scholar and future Obama administration official Ronan Farrow would call for the council to be abolished due to the rampant abuses of its members and its obsession with Israel to the exclusion of all other human-rights violators.