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(Placename) the Ancient Greek name for Rhodes1


(ˈrɔ ðɔs)

Greek name of Rhodes (def. 2).
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Acid-loving plants such as rhodos and camellias will benefit from an ericaceous feed.
Pieris is an acid lover so it's happy planted among camellias and rhodos if you have the right soil.
| Acid-loving plants such as rhodos and camellias will always benefit from an ericaceous feed.
These are: Antalya, Barcelona, Burgas, Ercan, Heraklion, Hurghada, Corfu, Lamezia Terme, Larnaca, Marsa Alam, Monastir, Palma de Mallorca, Olbia, Patras, Rijeka, Rhodos, Thessaloniki and Tirana.
The busiest of the Greek airports included Rhodos Airport (RHO) with around 1 million passengers (up 4.1 percent), Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) with 759,196 passengers (up 16.0 percent) and Kerkyra Airport (CFU) on the island of Corfu with 619,452 passengers (up 4.1 percent).
This East Mediterranean subspecies is known from mainland Greece and the islands of Kriti and Rhodos. On Vravrona it was collected from a wasteland, dominated by thorny bushes of Sarcopoterium and Coridothymus.
We strongly believe that Helica will be the new industry standard for stress and fatigue analysis of flexible pipes and umbilicals, says Are Fllesdal Tjnn, CEO DNV GL Software.The JIP validation results were presented at the ISOPE (International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers) annual International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference in Rhodos, Greece on 27 June.DNV GL simultaneously launched Helica 2.5, featuring a new module for extreme capacity checks and a new interface to commonly used global analysis software, such as Orcaflex, Riflex and Flexcom.
Efficacy data come from Santhera's randomized, placebo-controlled RHODOS trial and from the open label Expanded Access Program, which together have demonstrated that vision loss can be mitigated or reversed in patients treated with Raxone.
In her speech, she recalled her visits to the breathtaking Greek islands of Mykonos, Rhodos, and Santorini.
Athens, Muharram 20, 1435, Nov 23, 2013, SPA -- Two people were reportedly dead and one missing on the Greek island of Rhodos a day after a heavy storm, local media said Saturday, according to dpa.
Leonidas of Rhodos could keep his laurels for sprint and a triastes title (triple winner) for at least 12 years.