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a.1.(Geom. & Crystallog.) Rhombohedral.
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Gurevich and Tagantsev (73) studied the loss tangent for cubic and rhombohedric symmetries for temperatures far below the Debye temperature [T.sub.D] = 1047 K.
Almonga has rhombohedric, shiny white seeds, high culinary quality with very soft tegument, and highly buttery albumen, tested by a trained sensory panel.
A total of nine morphological traits including (i) leaf width in centimeters of three center trifoliolate leaves; (ii) leaf length in centimeters of three center trifoliolate leaves; (iii) leaf shape, recorded as chordate, ovate, rhombohedric, or hastate following the classification developed by Singh et al.
Numerical values were assigned to the following categorical traits: leaf shape (0 = chordate, 1 = ovate, 2 = rhombohedric and 3 = hastate), flower pigmentation (0 = white, 1 = lavender), base of standard (0 = striped and i = smooth), bracteole size (0 = small, 1 = medium, 2 = large), bracteole shape (0 = cordate, 1 = lanceolate, 2 = ovate and 3 = triangular), and pod beak position (1 = central, 2 = placental).
Seeds are rhombohedric in shape and slightly flattened.