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Noun1.Rhynia - type genus of the RhyniaceaeRhynia - type genus of the Rhyniaceae; small leafless dichotomously branching fossil plants with terminal sporangia and smooth branching rhizomes
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Rhyniaceae, Rhyniaceae - primitive plants of the Paleozoic
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The fossil record shows that some Devonian fossil plants (genera Aglaophyton, Rhynia and Asteroxylon, 400 Myr) already had vesiclelike structures similar to those of Glomus
The telome theory is psilopsidcentered, for the Upper Silurian to Mid-Devonian Psilophytales (Hicklingia, Taenocrada, Zosterophyllum, Rhynia, Horneophyton, Psilophyton, etc.) are visualized as exemplifying the sporophyte of the ancient vascular plants.