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a.1.Being without rhythm.
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In a way, that road marks the passage of the entire book as Kinnell's imagination turns to childhood memories, to men, including himself, getting older and weaker, to friends who have died, some of them poets, like James Wright, Muriel Rukeyser, Robert Hayden, Richard Hugo ("This one or that one dies but never the singer"), to watery landscapes from the past, which at times seemed eternal ("Here/waves slap not in time/but in evanescence, a rhythmless medium").
Wooden spoons against pots, a dull metallic complaint, rhythmless, the thick voice of the people with their unfocused rage.
and a few adorably rhythmless models make for a successful combination.
And I was under strict instructions from Mr Bruce not to watch anything involving sequins, dancers and rhythmless boxers.