Ribbon seal

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(Zool.) a North Pacific seal (Histriophoca fasciata). The adult male is dark brown, conspicuously banded and striped with yellowish white.

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In conjunction, Steward hospitals regularly receive top awards for quality and safety, including the "Gold Ribbon Seal in Healthcare" from the Joint Commission on Accreditation and an "A" rating for Hospital Safety from the Leapfrog Group.
Key words: ringed seal, bearded seal, ribbon seal, Arctic phocid, call repertoire, seasonality, vocalization, sea ice
On December 30, 2008, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) determined that a listing of ribbon seal as threatened or endangered was not warranted.
animals Sex Facility location * M, F, Pacific coast, Species, age group, n=780J n = 643 n = 1,198 and residential ([double ([section]) ([paragraph]) status dagger]) Animal (species) California sea 365 301 662 lion (Zalophus californianus) Stellar sea lion 15 19 25 (Eumetopias jubatus) Northern fur seal 26 15 38 (Callorhinus ursinus) Northern elephant 101 72 173 seal (Mirounga angustirostris) Ribbon seal 1 0 1 (Histriophoca fasciata) Hooded seal 3 1 0 (Cystophora cristata) Gray seal 45 18 0 (Halichoerus grypus) Harp seal (Phoca 17 18 0 groenlandica) Harbor seal 198 191 290 (P.
Federal marine scientists have expressed concern about the viability of Pacific walrus populations in Alaska, and conservationists petitioned last year to list the ribbon seal as threatened.
All Wildcat'r Series 37-750 ball valves include an integral locking plate that accepts a standard padlock or ribbon seal. 936-890-1064, www.rmenergy.com.
The researchers also detected about 170 ppb of the chemical in the body of a Caspian seal, caught in the Arctic Ocean, and about 130 ppb in a ribbon seal, caught near Japan, Tanabe said.
The post-breeding distributions of ice-breeding harbour seal (Phoca largha) and ribbon seal (Phoca fasciata) in the southern Sea of Okhotsk.
Ringed, Bearded, and Ribbon Seal Vocalizations North of Barrow, Alaska: Seasonal Presence and Relationship with Sea Ice.
You could box clever and give a plain cardboard container that merry Christmas look by wrapping with some green crepe paper, tying with red ribbon sealed with a blob of wax.
Ribbon seals, for instance, never go ashore: They give birth and rear their pups on the ice.