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n.1.A small threestringed viol; a rebec.
All can be play on gittern or ribible.
- Chaucer.
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He dances as nimbly as Absalom, he is brown haired and neatly made like Alysoun ("a propre short felawe") and like Nicholas, he is associated with "mynstralcye," with singing and with playing on "gyterne or ribible." Furthermore, he is as "sweet," and as "ful of love and paramour" as any of those three, and his nature asserts the claims of youth and sexualityjust as theirs did.
Furthermore, playing on "gyterne or ribible" is probably associated with the kind of "mynstralcye" that Nicholas performed with Alysoun (He kiste hire sweete and taketh his sawtrie, / And pleyeth faste, and maketh melodie" 3305-6).