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 (rē-shärd′), Joseph Henri Maurice Known as "Rocket." 1921-2000.
Canadian hockey player. A right wing for the Montreal Canadiens (1942-1960), he led his team to eight Stanley Cup championships and was the first player to score 50 goals in a season.
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1. (Biography) Sir Cliff, real name Harry Rodger Webb. born 1940, British pop singer. Film musicals include The Young Ones (1961) and Summer Holiday (1962)
2. (Biography) Maurice, known as Rocket. 1921–2000, Canadian ice-hockey player
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(rɪˈʃɑrd; Fr. riˈʃar)

n. Mau•rice (mɔˈris; Fr. moʊˈris)
( “the Rocket” ),
1921–2000, Canadian hockey player.


(ˈrɪtʃ ərd)
1. Richard I ( “Richard the Lion-Hearted,” “Richard Coeur de Lion” ), 1157–99, king of England 1189–99.
2. Richard II, 1367–1400, king of England 1377–99 (son of Edward, Prince of Wales).
3. Richard III (Duke of Gloucester), 1452–85, king of England 1483–85.
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[ˈrɪtʃəd] NRicardo
Richard (the) LionheartRicardo Corazón de León
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nRichard m; Richard (the) LionheartRichard Löwenherz
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"He is at meat, good knight, and he looketh for thy coming," quoth the porter, "for, if I mistake not, thou art Sir Richard of the Lea."
"I am Sir Richard of the Lea; then I will go seek him forthwith," said the Knight.
Richard and Moncharmin, on reaching their office, found an inspector's report relating to an incident that had happened, the night before, in Box Five.
"Send for the inspector," said Richard to his secretary, who had already read the report and marked it with blue pencil.
Without an instant's hesitation, Natalie darted back to her own door, just in time to escape Richard Turlington descending the cabin stairs.
He only said (poor dear!)--'Bless my soul, Richard, what do you want?' Richard soon explained himself.
"Why who are you to come thus brawling upon my premises?" asked a haughty voice; and Sir Richard himself stepped forth upon the turret.
"First show me your warrants," said Sir Richard curtly.
We held many consultations about what Richard was to be, first without Mr.
Only the last ship, the Revenge, commanded by the Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Grenville, lost the wind and was caught between two great squadrons of the Spanish.
my kingdom and my subjects?'' answered Richard, impatiently; ``I tell thee, Sir Wilfred, the best of them are most willing to repay my follies in kind For example, my very faithful servant, Wilfred of Ivanhoe, will not obey my positive commands, and yet reads his king a homily, because he does not walk exactly by his advice.
The horses, which were yet suffering under the injudicious and somewhat random blows of Richard, were dancing up and down with that ominous movement that threatens a sudden and uncontrollable start, still pressing backward.