Richard E. Byrd

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Noun1.Richard E. Byrd - explorer and United States naval officerRichard E. Byrd - explorer and United States naval officer; led expeditions to explore Antarctica (1888-1957)
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9 ( ANI ): When renowned explorer Richard E. Byrd returned from the first-ever flight to the North Pole in 1926, he sparked a controversy that remains today: Did he actually reach the pole?
On any given day, the USNS Richard E. Byrd (T-AKE 4) would be on a heading for her next routine underway replenishment event.
Over the next 12 years Arthur's enthusiastic dog would set mushing records, help popularize the sport of sled dog racing, and become the progenitor of a new breed of sled dog named after Chinook, finally traveling with Admiral Richard E. Byrd on his First Antarctic Expedition in 1928.
This activity book discusses the reasons why Erik the Red, John Davis, Henry Hudson, William Perry, John Franklin, Fridtjof Nansen, Robert Perry, Fredrick Cook, and Gretel Erhlich explored the Arctic; and why Captain James Cook, James Clark Ross, Robert Scott, Roald Amundsen, Ernest Shackleton, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, and Bill Green explored Antarctica.
On 9 May 1926 Lieutenant Commander Richard E. Byrd, left, and Naval Aviation Pilot Floyd Bennett made the first flight over the North Pole.
Nine Sailors and 27 civil service Mariners stationed aboard the USNS Richard E. Byrd (TAKE 4) conducted their first community relations (COMREL) project recently at the Social Development Center, during the ship's voyage repair period in Subic Bay, Philippines.
One of his favorite pictures was a photograph of him shaking hands with Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, the famed polar explorer.