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Noun1.Richard E. Smalley - American chemist who with Robert Curl and Harold Kroto discovered fullerenes and opened a new branch of chemistry (born in 1943)
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Richard E. Smalley, who won a Nobel Prize for the buckeyball, a predecessor of CNTs, claimed CNTs to be "the universe's best building material."
Weisman, Rice University chemist Richard E. Smalley, and their colleagues report the nanotube signatures in an upcoming issue of Science.
The prime force behind the initiative was one Richard E. Smalley, that rarest of all birds in academic circles, a confessed admirer of Eric Drexler.
In 1995, Richard E. Smalley's group at Rice University in Houston reported seeing nanotubes give off light but attributed the glow to rapid unraveling of carbon chains from the surface (SN: 9/16/95, p.
"We see these perfect circles nearly every time we look," says Rice's Richard E. Smalley. Ring diameters typically range from 300 to 500 nanometers.
and Richard E. Smalley of Rice University in Houston and Harold W.
15 Science, Richard E. Smalley of Rice University in Houston and his colleagues describe the carbon chains pulling away from the nanotubes "in a process that resembles unraveling the sleeve of a sweater." Heating the closed, dome-shaped ends of the nanotubes with a laser caused them to open and made the edges jagged and sharp.
The key to making such small fibers was starting with nanotubes, says Richard E. Smalley of Rice, a codiscoverer of buckyballs who currently works with carbon nanotubes.