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Noun1.Richard Henry Lee - leader of the American Revolution who proposed the resolution calling for independence of the American Colonies (1732-1794)Richard Henry Lee - leader of the American Revolution who proposed the resolution calling for independence of the American Colonies (1732-1794)
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Do the names Elbridge Gerry, Richard Henry Lee, or Luther Martin ring a bell?
Other featured actors include Eric Rundgren of Villa Park as Benjamin Franklin, Michael Poirier of Lombard as Thomas Jefferson, Emily O'Brochta of Villa Park as John Dickinson, Genevieve Corkery of Villa Park as Richard Henry Lee, Leela Wolgemuth of Villa Park as Martha Jefferson, and Sasha Graf of Lombard as Abigail Adams.
As violence erupts, Sergeant "Big Bill" O'Hara (Kieran) and Richard Henry Lee (Tom), a transplanted southerner and rookie cop, are tasked with forming a Chinatown squad.
Journalist, educator, and historian Harlow Giles Unger presents First Founding Father: Richard Henry Lee and the Call to Independence, a biography of Richard Henry Lee, one of America's lesser-known yet vital founding fathers.
On February 27, 1766, Richard Henry Lee called together 115 freeholders of Westmoreland County at Leedstown, Virginia, about twelve miles south of Stratford Hall.
In 1776, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia offered a resolution to the Continental Congress stating ''That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States.''
In his description of the history of the document as it was drafted and moved through the Continental Congress, Tsesis clarifies that the first real action of the Congress declaring independence was the earlier approved resolution of Richard Henry Lee and not the Declaration itself as is commonly believed (17).
Richard Henry Lee's quotation, however, was completely authentic.
In this one sentence, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia, one of the Founding Fathers, summed up why our constitutional right to bear arms is critical.
Along with fascinating accounts of the contributions of Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Richard Henry Lee, George Mason, Daniel Morgan and George Washington, Cecere lets those less well-known, such as Captain John Chilton and a range of supporters, soldiers and even those loyal to the British speak largely for themselves.
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