Richard Morris Hunt

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Noun1.Richard Morris Hunt - United States architect (1827-1895)Richard Morris Hunt - United States architect (1827-1895)
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Vanderbilt tasked architect Richard Morris Hunt with building his grand mountain home in the Chateauesque style that had inspired him on travels in Europe.
The estate was originally designed by Richard Morris Hunt with landscaping by Frederick Law Olmstead.
This summer, when the Gavet objects are temporarily reinstalled in the Gothic Room (designed for Mrs Vanderbilt by Richard Morris Hunt), items like the reliquary-that-never-held-relics will once again make sense as part of a decorative ensemble.
Private homes and their celebrated creators Robert Venturi, Richard Morris Hunt, and Enrique Norten feature prominently, substantiating the impression that, his discursive engagement with avantgardist gestures and lexicons notwithstanding, Rybczynski is au fond mainly interested in architecture as a domestic and domesticated space.
But this renovation saved the historic structure, which was designed by the United States' first classically trained architect, Richard Morris Hunt, who also designed the Metropolitan Museum in New York.