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Noun1.Richard Upjohn - United States architect (born in England) (1802-1878)
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For example, the Fay Club -- designed by the American architect Richard Upjohn -- features exotic wood paneling and stained-glass windows.
Trinity Church, designed by Richard Upjohn in 1846, re mains a classic example of Gothic Revival architecture.
Grace Church: Richard Upjohn, who lived in Cobble Hill and was one of America's most important 19th-century architects, designed this picture-perfect example of the Gothic Revival architecture of "High Church" Episcopalianism in the 1840s.
An icehouse, filled with blocks cut from a pond in the winter, stood in the garden of Brook Lodge and was packed with buckets of flowers cut in the bud stage, grandson Richard Upjohn Light wrote in a 1990 publication titled "Upjohn: A Study in Ancestry--Covering 14 Generations and 450 Years." The cold temperature kept the buds from opening and let the doctor enjoy cut peonies long after the normal bloom.
In the hands of America's upstart Catholics, it performed spiritual and denominational work beautifully, thereby encouraging combatants like George Doane and Richard Upjohn to break customs and employ crosses in Protestant settings.
and Broadway were submitted by architect Richard Upjohn, who was soon commissioned for the project.
"We are delighted to be able to engage the extraordinary talents of Pelli Clarke Pelli as we move forward in the design and development process to create an inspiring new mixed-use ministry building that complements Richard Upjohn's historic Trinity Church," Dr.