Richardson's ground squirrel

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Rich·ard·son's ground squirrel

A ground squirrel (Spermophilus richardsonii) of the northern Great Plains. Also called flickertail.

[After Sir John Richardson (1787-1865), Scottish naturalist.]
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Richardson's ground squirrel

(Animals) a ground squirrel of the NW USA and Canada, Citellus richardsoni. Also called: flickertail
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The animal rights demonstration is fitting because the seventy-one inert characters that populate the scenes are all stuffed Richardson's ground squirrels. They're dressed in miniature costumes to match their painted backdrops and are paired with props from locals' toy collections.
She said: "We have a Gambian giant pouched rat, Richardson's ground squirrels, sugar gliders, lemmings and African pygmy mice.
Also known as Richardson's ground squirrels, the critters are so numerous one farmer claims that, when they're moving across a field, a casual observer might assume the ground itself were moving.
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Studies of 15 wild Richardson's ground squirrels, which live in burrows, found they emit pure ultrasonic frequencies of about 50khz.