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n.1.A small mound of earth; ground slightly elevated; a small ridge.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The monument is located on Green Island opposite Rideau Falls on the Rideau River in Ottawa.
Frequemment, les patients etaient porteurs de la meme bacterie que celle detectee sur leur rideau.
South Florida led by 17 points, 37-20, with 6:15 remaining in the first half but didn't score again until Rideau beat the halftime buzzer with a layup for a 39-34 lead.
- Tour A: Rideau Valley Tour, led by Brian Tackaberry-with lunch at Merrickville
AW Walsh, by email Lies by omission In reply to Bernie Rideau's letter ("We are telling our children it's ok to lie", ECHO, Jan 28), Mr Rideau, like all other remain correspondents to ECHO letters, writes yet another totally one-sided letter re lies.
The shipment included a mix of cannabis oil and dried bud products, Rideau, Jasper, Capilano, Champlain and Henik which Althea is making available for distribution to pharmacies for eligible medical cannabis patients in Australia.
Le rideau s'est leve, lundi 24 septembre sur la 12 e edition du Festival International du Film de Femmes de Sale (FIFS), en presence d'une pleiade d'artistes et de personnalites du monde de l'art, de la culture et des medias.
She wanted to be known as the "dancing doctor," said Latoyah Rideau, the patient who appears in the video and who is now planning to sue Davis-Boutte for pain and suffering.
Meet Louis and Alice Thornton Rideau, French-African Americans from Louisiana and early-day residents of Phoenix whose large, extended family still lives in the Valley.