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Then came pealing through the air a bugle-call that froze my blood - "IT IS I, SOLDIER - COME!" I turned; Cathy was flying down through the massed people; she cleared the parapet at a bound, and sped towards that riderless horse, who staggered forward towards the remembered sound; but his strength failed, and he fell at her feet, she lavishing kisses upon him and sobbing, the house rising with one impulse, and white with horror!
One Uhlan stopped, another who was on foot flung himself to the ground to avoid being knocked over, and a riderless horse fell in among the hussars.
Riderless thoats plunged hither and thither among the dead and dying.
More than a single raider had accounted to her steady nerves and cool aim for his outlawry; more than a single pony raced, riderless, in the wake of the charging horde.
And the first living thing I did meet was the sort to give you the creeps; it was a riderless horse coming full tilt through the bush, with the saddle twisted round and the stirrup-irons ringing.
beard--the riderless horse and the bloody saddle--the deliberate misdirection that had put me off the track and out of the way--and now the missing manager and the report of bushrangers at this end.
Here was a riderless horse plunging by, and yonder lay Sir Sagramor, stone dead.
"He sprang upon a riderless horse and rode after Sir Nigel to save him.
Nowhere as yet had Tara of Helium seen a man afoot in this great building; but when at a turn, U-Dor led them to the third floor she caught glimpses of chambers in which many riderless thoats were penned and others adjoining where dismounted warriors lolled at ease or played games of skill or chance and many there were who played at jetan, and then the party passed into a long, wide hall of state, as magnificent an apartment as even a princess of mighty Helium ever had seen.
They had come upon the riderless Sir Mortimer grazing by the roadside, and a short distance beyond had discovered evidences of the conflict at the cross-roads.
It was riderless, though on its back was a high-horned Mexican saddle, scarred and discolored by long usage.
WASHINGTON (AFP) - War of Will won the 144th Preakness Stakes on Saturday, holding off a field that included a riderless horse to give trainer Mark Casse his first Triple Crown race triumph.