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Rief is currently director, Regional Vehicle Program Management at the Nissan Technical Center North America (NTCNA) in Farmington Hills, Michigan.
(10.) Exner C, Kohl A, Zaudig M, Langs G, Lincoln TM, Rief W.
Expectation plays a major role in psychopathology (Rief et al., 2015), and nevertheless, unlike expectation in anxiety and depressive disorders, the role of expectation/anticipation of fatigue has not been studied in depth.
[5.] Timpano KR, Exner C, Glaesmer H, Rief W, Keshaviah A, Brahler E, et al.
Thanks so much, President Rief, my old friend for that introduction.
Alexander Winkler and Winfried Rief of the University of Marburg (Germany) conducted a brilliant systematic review examining the effect of placebo conditions in randomized trials including polysomnography addressing primary insomnia (Sleep.
Rief W, Nestoriuc Y, Weiss S, Welzel E, Barsky AJ, Hofmann SG.
Im Interview mit dem Autor erinnert sich Hennerbichler: C[currency]Wenige Tage, bevor Herbert Amry seinen Abschieds-Empfang in der Residenz des Botschafters in Athen gab, rief er mich in Zypern an und sagte: CUPass' bitte auf, wenn Du ins Auto einsteigst, - schau` nach, bevor Du den Motor startest.' Ich antwortete, normalerweise wE-rde ich immer unter das Auto schauen und manchmal auch die Motorhaube aufmachen, bevor ich den Motor anlassen wE-rde.
The observed structured differed from Barratt's aim to measure attention and motor constructs separately (Patton et al., 1995), but it corroborates Patton's conclusion that basic cognitive processes might underlie the personality trait of impulsiveness (Hartmann & Rief, 2011; Patton, et al., 1995).
Reports of clashes in the oil-rich north and on several other fronts came just 48 hours after the country's President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Rief Machar wrapped up peace talks in Ethiopia and promised regional mediators they would immediately stop the war.
Arch-rivals President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Rief Machar ended two days of talks in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Saturday and vowed an "unconditional, complete and immediate end to all hostilities."