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 (rē-yĕk′ə) Formerly Fi·u·me (fyo͞o′mā, -mĕ)
A city of western Croatia on the Adriatic Sea west-southwest of Zagreb. Held at various times by Austria, Croatia, France, and Hungary, it was seized by Italian irregulars in 1919. The Treaty of Rapallo between Italy and Yugoslavia (1920) guaranteed its status as an independent city, although it was formally annexed by Italy four years later. Rijeka was transferred officially to Yugoslavia in 1947 and remained under its rule until Croatian independence in 1991.


(rɪˈɛkə; Croatian riˈjɛka)
(Placename) a port in Croatia: an ancient town, changing hands many times before passing to Yugoslavia in 1947 until Croatia became independent in 1991. Pop: 135 000 (2005 est). Italian name: Fiume


(riˈɛk ə, -ˈyɛk ɑ)

a seaport in W Croatia, on the Adriatic. 193,044.
Italian, Fiume.
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In the face of an inadequate response to the changing economy, the wealthy are becoming wealthier, the middle class is experiencing a lower standard of living relative to most of the 20th Century, and poverty is still a concern (Dabla-Norris, Kochhar, Suphaphiphat, Rieka, & Tsounta, 2015).
xxx BOWTELL RIEKA Suddenly but peacefully in hospital on March 3, Rieka, aged 73 years.
2011), political polarization (with Republicans more skeptical of government than Democrats), and, of particular importance to this study, the economic cycle, with those most affected by economic downturns becoming the most cynical (Grosjean, Rieka, and Sena 2013; Pew 2013).
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