Rifle pit

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(Mil.) a trench for sheltering sharpshooters.

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The men took positions behind a curv- ing line of rifle pits that had been turned up, like a large furrow, along the line of woods.
But at last the guns stopped, and among the men in the rifle pits rumors again flew, like birds, but they were now for the most part black creatures who flapped their wings drearily near to the ground and refused to rise on any wings of hope.
Everybody knows we're going to do all the fighting, and you guys are just going to sit here in your fancy rifle pit.
On the hill east of it, Wandering Spirit ordered his warriors to dig trenches and rifle pits.
At the battle of Te Ranga, Pte Byrne, now a corporal, was the first man of his company to jump down into the rifle pits, where he bayoneted a Maori soldier.
They included Corporal A E Wilkinson, a tram conductor from Moldgreen, who wrote: "It was general knowledge that a very important tactical mole hill (one could not flatter it by calling it a hill) was to be blown sky high with dynamite along with its attendant trenches, rifle pits and dug outs our enemy had established there since November 11, 1914.
Then switch and view Little Round Top from those same rifle pits (photo at far right) for a well-rounded look at history.
Union soldiers seized the Confederate rifle pits at the base of the ridge with relative ease and to the amazement of Grant and his staff, the bluecoats scrambled up the rugged escarpment in a mad dash to the summit.
The end of the battle came on the fourth day, not through any clever military maneuver, from either side, but out of the unbridled frustration of a handful of Middleton's troops, who broke rank and charged down the hill to the Metis rifle pits, flushing the men out.
The Moccasin Bend bill states that the site's archaeological and subsurface resources, such as Civil War era items like cannon displacements and rifle pits, are unmatched within the current National Park System.
Crimea Campaign 1854-5 (77th Foot); present at Battle of the Alma, wounded at Battle of Inkermann, present at the taking of the Russian Rifle pits, dangerously wounded in the Assault of the Redan; New Zealand Campaign 1863 (12th Foot).