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Savannah's flagship assets include the R1/R2 and R3/R4 PSCs, which cover c.50% of the highly prospective Agadem Rift Basin ('ARB') of South East Niger, acquired in 2014/15.
Recent findings by the research team in the Rukwa Rift Basin include:
The Indus offshore basin is a rift basin that geologists say developed after the separation of the Indian Plate from Africa in the late Jurassic period.
The Patuxent Trough is more than 300km long and over 15km wide, while the Offset Rift Basin is 150km long and 30km wide.
Nock operates its own exploration acreage on block 14T located within the Tertiary Rift basin and running from the shores of Lake Bogoria to Lake Magadi Basin on the border with Tanzania.President Uhuru Kenyatta last week told UK investors at the London Stock Exchange (LSE) that Nock will next year list on the Nairobi and London bourses.
Matruh Basin, as a rift basin, exhibited a rapid subsidence during Middle and Late Jurassic which continued during the early Cretaceous.
The sedimentary Mamfe Basin is a south-eastern trending Cretaceous rift basin that bifurcates off the Benue trough and is linked to the West and Central African Rift System (WCARS) [8].
The production-sharing agreement covers Kanywataba block, a 344-square-kilometre (133-square-mile) area in the Albertine rift basin near the border with Democratic Republic of Congo, officials said at the signing in the Ugandan capital Kampala.
Part of the Shingopana skeleton was excavated in 2002 by scientists affiliated with the Rukwa Rift Basin Project, an international effort led by Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine researchers Patrick O'Connor and Nancy Stevens.
Even though the nation recently identified a major oil reserve at the Albertine rift basin along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, large-scale pumping has been delayed due to various reasons.