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The capital and largest city of Latvia on the Gulf of Riga, an inlet of the Baltic Sea bordering on Latvia and Estonia. Founded as a trading post on a site originally inhabited by Baltic tribes, the city became a member of the Hanseatic League in 1282 and later passed to Poland (1581), Sweden (1621), and Russia (1710).


(Placename) the capital of Latvia, on the Gulf of Riga at the mouth of the Western Dvina on the Baltic Sea: a port and major trading centre since Viking times. Pop: 739 232 (2002 est)


(ˈri gə)

1. the capital of Latvia, on the Gulf of Riga. 915,000.
2. Gulf of, an arm of the Baltic between Latvia and Estonia. 90 mi. (145 km) long.
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Noun1.Riga - a port city on the Gulf of Riga that is the capital and largest city of LatviaRiga - a port city on the Gulf of Riga that is the capital and largest city of Latvia; formerly a member of the Hanseatic League
Hanseatic League - a commercial and defensive confederation of free cities in northern Germany and surrounding areas; formed in 1241 and most influential in the 14th century when it included over 100 towns and functioned as an independent political power; the last official assembly was held in 1669
Latvia, Republic of Latvia - a republic in northeastern Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea
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I was able to refer him to two parallel cases, the one at Riga in 1857, and the other at St.
Taxis are in abundance in Riga and its advisable always to agree the fare before you get in, as you could be in for a surprise if you don't.
Those ambitions face a crucial test this weekend when Riga travel to leaders Tameside hoping to strengthen their position in the 'perm two from five' promotion battle.
The Finnish stock exchange operator HEX Plc announced today (18 March) a cooperation agreement with the Latvian stock exchange company Riga Stock Exchange and the Latvian Central Depository.
Premiering at Los Angeles's John Anson Ford Amphitheatre Complex, Riga is wryly advertised as "just your normal, gay, interracial Holocaust play.
Unlike Tallinn, which has almost a resort atmosphere, Riga is a grimy, industrial city.
MVC's partner in this venture, Riga Capital, is an investment and advisory company investing in growth companies in the wider Baltic Sea region.
In fact, it is huge--in 2009, we started seriously advertising Riga as a tourist destination and, as you see, the efforts have been a success.
Picking up the season which has seen them lose one game in eight, Riga welcomed back Tom Spijkers after an ankle injury and fielded new Spanish recruit Alex Medina.
Major changes in the winter timetable from Riga are connected with the opening of airBaltic's new destinations.