Right pyramid

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(Geom.) a pyramid whose axis is perpendicular to the base.

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"With the group that received the additional C2 segmental hemisection, their right pyramid was stimulated, and then a right C2 segmental hemisection was performed.
(a) In response to the stimulation of both the left and right pyramids, CMAPs of the right forelimb were lost after the additional right C2 hemisection, whereas the amplitude of CMAPs of the left forelimb was not lost although it decreased significantly (* p < 0.05).
right pyramid. Otherwise, the shape is Otherwise, the shape is an oblique prism.
Java Pyramid game uses accelerometer to guide the bird into the right Pyramid by tilting the phone.
If its lands on the right pyramid, gets the points.
Among eight clusters United Arab Emirates forms separate cluster by itself (the right pyramid in Figure 12).
Like our own Healthy Eating Pyramid, the USDA's Eating Right Pyramid is designed (at least we hope so) to get people to eat more grains, fruits, and vegetables and less meat and diary.
A committee of leading nutritionists, after a year's work, came up with an "Eating Right Pyramid Graphic," which they believed projected the correct image in a single poster.
What's your opinion about the Eating Right Pyramid, the USDA food chart recalled after protests from the meat and dairy industries?
Ltd., Tokyo, Japan) was installed on the left or the right pyramid of the medulla oblongata by inserting it at a position approximately 1.5 mm closer to the head and 0.5 mm toward the outside, and at an insertion angle of approximately 30[degrees] toward the head, with respect to the obex, and a constant current stimulation was provided, respectively [7, 8].
In response to the stimulation of the right pyramid (at the optimum stimulation intensity of 2T), all the rats in this group exhibited electric potential on the left side.
Caption: Figure 7: CMAPs obtained by stimulating the right pyramid of the rats for preliminary experiment having undergone left C5 segmental hemisection (stimulation intensity: 2T).