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Noun1.right to life - the right to live
human right - (law) any basic right or freedom to which all human beings are entitled and in whose exercise a government may not interfere (including rights to life and liberty as well as freedom of thought and expression and equality before the law)
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I'm guessing it appeared on an NRLC affiliate's webpage where right to lifers will often find gems.
There is a human tragedy, but it is becoming a political farce as Right to Lifers line up to protect the sanctity of all life (or at least all life that they don't have to pay benefits to) and Freedom of Choicers line up to protect the right to choose when to terminate a pregnancy or a life.
About 5,000 right to lifers were joined by their former governor, Mike Huckabee, and state legislators spoke about a proposed bill that would ban the gruesome partial-birth abortion procedure.
THERE'S been another murder in Glasgow, and DCI Burke and his merry band of Maryhill coppers have to root around in the world of fertility clinics and right to lifers.
It was Weyrich, together with Ed McAteer and Howard Phillips, who spent a day with Jerry Falwell persuading him to take on "the issue of abortion'" As Connie Paige notes in The Right to Lifers, out of that meeting also came the idea for the Moral Majority, the single most crucial entity since the Catholic church in making the right to life movement a dangerous force on the right.
Over 3,000 right to lifers braved record-setting rain in Olympia, Washington, January 18 for the state March for Life.
Buoyed by pro-life successes in elections and legislatures, right to lifers renewed their commitment to life by gathering around the country to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of Roe v.
Wyoming right to lifers gathered in Cheyenne January 18 to march through the state capital for life.
Right to lifers presented a petition signed by 10,000 people asking that the hospital ban all abortions, the Tribune reported.
But the depth of his thinking about a new, better world to rise from the tragedy of September 11 was evident when Right to Lifers brought up specific issues they came to discuss.
Buoyed by the inauguration of a pro-life president, thousands of right to lifers across the nation commemorated the 28th anniversary of legal abortion in America with new hope and determination that unborn babies will be "welcomed in life and protected in law.
In addition to education about the positions of each candidate, right to lifers should educate voters about their state's election procedures so that each pro-life vote is counted.