women's rights

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wom·en's rights

1. Socioeconomic, political, and legal rights for women equal or equivalent to those of men.
2. A movement in support of these rights.


(or wom′an's) rights′

the rights claimed for women, equal to those of men, with respect to suffrage, property, employment, etc.
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Connected with the conversation that had sprung up on the rights of women there were certain questions as to the inequality of rights in marriage improper to discuss before the ladies.
She read Voltaire, and had Rousseau by heart; talked very lightly about divorce, and most energetically of the rights of women.
She writes vehemently to assert the often-neglected rights of women and children or to denounce negro slavery and all oppression; and sometimes, as when in 'The Cry of the Children' she revealed the hideousness of child-labor in the factories, she is genuine and irresistible; but more frequently she produces highly romantic or mystical imaginary narrations (often in medieval settings).
I remember the time, Countess, when you advocated the Rights of Women, and freedom of female opinion was one of them.
She had grown up in a very wild way, and talked much about the rights of women, and loved hunting and war far better than her needle.
LAHORE -- Provincial Minister for Women Development Hameeda Waheed-ud-Din has said that the awareness campaign regarding the rights of women is continuing vigorously across the province.
Susan Safi Rafiq, Founder of the International Federation of Afghan Women, compared the rights of women under Afghanistan's 1944 Constitution with conditions today.
He said Proposition 209 was likely to be ruled a violation of the constitutional rights of women and minorities whose programs would be barred.
He would raid the rights of women and the right of all people to truly free inquiry.
He said that the Parliament of Pakistan is fully aware of its responsibility to protect and guard the rights of women comprising more than half of the country's population.
The PPP chairman hailed his party led Sindh government for legislation to protect rights of women in society.
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Minister for Human Rights Senator Kamran Michael assured that all out efforts would be made to ensure the promotion and protection of Human Rights including the rights of women, children and minorities.