Rikers Island

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Ri·kers Island

An island in the East River off the south coast of the Bronx, New York City. Part of the Bronx borough, it is the site of a large jail facility.
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From resounding Sinners Prayer to anthemic Rikers Island, this is a beautiful offering.
Here he takes the story of his addict brother to weave a beautiful spell, blending rap, gospel, funk, soul and, on the extraordinary and beautiful Rikers Island Redux, spoken word.
In 2017, after a yearlong study of the conditions on Rikers Island, the Independent Commission on New York City Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform (the Lippman Commission) released its recommendations to close the last penal colony in the United States and replace it with a series of neighborhood-based jails and enhanced community supervision.
This multi-billion dollar program features constructing four new jails in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx to allow for the city to close its main jail on Rikers Island. DDC and Aecom-Hill will manage the design-build construction of the four new facilities.
Howard's wife Marie thinks she may be guilty as charged, but Howard himself is convinced she is innocent - by the time he takes the case, she has spent time in the infamous Rikers Island prison complex and needs to be prepared to face the Grand Jury, which will determine whether she will have to face trial.
My friend and I were here to lead Rosh Hashanah services for the Jewish residents of Rikers Island, the overcrowded New York City jail complex notorious for its violence.
This edition incorporates recent news, such as changes in the Department of Justice, "sanctuary city" resolutions, and the federal shift on the use of private prisons, and expanded and updated discussions of topics like prosecutorial misconduct, the Rikers Island jail scandal, and halfway house scandals in New York City and Philadelphia, along with many other changes.
THE STORY: Between the 1970s and the present, from Rikers Island to Turkey, Berlin, and Virginia, a dozen or so loosely connected individuals try (and mostly fail) to improve their lives in small and large ways.
A New York Police Department (NYPD) detective was convicted Wednesday by a Queens jury of making a hoax drug case against an innocent man who had to spend seven weeks inside a Rikers Island prison.
The de Blasio Administration announced yesterday (Tuesday) that it will close its first jail on Rikers Island this summer as part of Mayor de Blasio's plan to close Rikers Island.
Now aged 31, he brings a magnificent feral charisma to Connie, a sleep-deprived desperado who has to raise $10,000 bail money to spring his mentally challenged brother from the notorious Rikers Island prison.