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 (rĭks′môl′, rēks′-)
[Norwegian : riks, genitive of rik, realm (from Old Norse rīki; see reg- in Indo-European roots) + mål, speech (from Old Norse māl).]


(Norwegian ˈriksmɔl)
(Languages) a former name for Bokmål
[literally: language of the kingdom]


(ˈbʊk mɔl)

a literary form of Norwegian that combines Danish grammatical norms and features of local Norwegian vernaculars. Compare Nynorsk.
[1935–40; < Norwegian: book language]
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Noun1.Riksmal - in 1929 this dialect of Norwegian was officially renamed Bokmal
Bokmaal, Bokmal, Dano-Norwegian - book language; one of two official languages of Norway; closely related to Danish
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(4) Hasta el ano 1929, el nynorsk y el bokmal eran denominados landsmal y riksmal, respectivamente.
* The change in linguistic norm from the exclusive use of the traditional Dano-Norwegian standard ("Riksmal") towards a more inclusive language policy allowing different varieties of the two written standards of Norwegian, as well as dialects and sociolects.
In 1907 and 1917, the primary Danish-influenced written language in Norway was changed to become more Norwegian, and was called riksmal, a name that was later altered to bokmal.