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 (răm-bō′, răN-), Jean Nicolas Arthur 1854-1891.
French poet whose hallucinatory work strongly influenced the surrealists.


(French rɛ̃bo)
(Biography) Arthur (artyr). 1854–91, French poet, whose work, culminating in the prose poetry of Illuminations (published 1884), greatly influenced the symbolists. A Season in Hell (1873) draws on his tempestuous homosexual affair with Verlaine, after which he abandoned writing (aged about 20) and spent the rest of his life travelling


(ræmˈboʊ, rɛ̃-)

(Jean Nicolas) Arthur, 1854–91, French poet.
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Noun1.Rimbaud - French poet whose work influenced the surrealists (1854-1891)
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Fuera de cierto circulo, mas bien poco se habla hoy de Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891), quiza porque su poesia puede resultar ya distante en el tiempo, o a lo mejor porque una revivificacion de el condensaria los habitos y la verdadera naturaleza de un genero que para muchos--nuestro tiempo ha perdido el oido y sobre todo el aliento para acercarse a el--esta poco menos que muerto: la poesia.
The French Genealogy of the Beat Generation: Burroughs, Ginsberg and Kerouac's Appropriations of Modern Literature, From Rimbaud to Michaux
Urguayan poet Roberto Echavarren's latest volume of poetry explodes from its opening with the salacious force of Rimbaud, burrowing inside of conventions regarding gender and sexuality with an insistent imagistic surrealism.
In The Last of the Hippies, Penny Rimbaud celebrates the life of Phil 'Wally' Hope, and rails against his murder at the hands of the state in 1975.
Contract notice: Consultation Number: 6Dea19 Passage D~agen Renewal / Strengthening A Network Aep Lot No1 Avenue Street Rimbaud Pyrenees Lot No2 Rue Victor Duruy
LA HISTORIA de las Iluminaciones de Arthur Rimbaud no se termina de contar; ni siquiera se ha establecido de manera definitiva la fecha de composicion y ahora tampoco la autoria: segun una obra de 2014, Du Nouveau chez Rimbaud de Eddie Breuil, los poemas en prosa los escribio, en realidad, el poeta Germain Nouveau, "el mas pequeno de los bipedos", como le decia Paul Verlaine; Rimbaud meramente, modestamente (cosa imposible de imaginar en su caso), se dedico a cumplir con las funciones del amanuense: tomo dictado.
BORN BELA Lugosi, Austrian film actor, 1882, above CHRISTOPHER Wren, English architect, 1632 ARTHUR Rimbaud, French poet, 1854 DIED CHARLES Babbage, British inventor,1791 JANE Wyatt, US actress, 1910 BURT Lancaster, US film actor, 1994, above
The doomed tug of love between Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud and Verlaine's wife Mathilde is boldly told in the Citizens' tiny Circle, as part of the Glasgay
The complexity and centrality in the early 1870s of the relationship with and influence of Rimbaud is excellently presented here and allows Fremy to specify the originality of Verlaine's impersonal but subjective poetry in Romances sans paroles (and in particular its distinctiveness from Rimbaud's "poesie objective"), his modern conception of memory and absence, his personal brand of post-Romantic "spleen," termed "melancolisme," and an innovative poetics built on the simultaneous realization and undermining of utterance.
Although plagiarism and especially her rewriting of Arthur Rimbaud and William Faulkner in In Memoriam to Identity (1990) are the focus of this study, over her career Acker adopted several creative techniques and implemented more than one at the same time.
2) Amalgame en effet: ce mot, avec ses racines d'alchimie medievale, (3) nous sensibilise a la nature "fort subtile"--dans l'ancien sens de volatif et impalpable--que le poeme de Rimbaud partage avec le "vif argent" des amalgamations decrites par Furetiere au dix-septieme siecle.
C'est epatant comme ca a du chien," writes Rimbaud on 25 August 1870, just as Prussian forces were approaching Charlesville-Mezieres and a few short days before the poet would set out--somewhat illicitly--for Paris.