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1. (of a cartridge) having the primer in a rim encircling the base.
2. (of a firearm) designed for the use of such cartridges.
[1865–70, Amer.]
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spent weeks perfecting a 25-round magazine that would feed any brand of rimfire ammunition reliably.
Rimfire ammunition is often dirty, and many .22 bullets leave a wax residue behind.
(Zanders initially stocked Aguila's rimfire ammunition line; the rest of the product line was added in August.)
Both are now made for .44-40s (.44 WCF) due to the non-existence of .44 Henry Rimfire ammunition. However, when loaded with black powder their power and recoil is about equal to the old Henry .44.
The summary of the Eley .22-caliber rimfire ammunition roundup with shooting results also was great.
It's a bit dangerous to make proclamations about accuracy when it comes to rimfire ammunition because .22s are notoriously finicky about what they shoot well.
While .32 rimfire ammunition can occasionally be found, I wanted something that was more readily available and reloadable.
Rimfire ammunition makers know if they deviate from the standard 40-grain bullet weight at normal velocities they do so at their peril.
While the tube isn't very large in diameter, it is fairly long and will hold a useful amount of rimfire ammunition. From a practical standpoint, 50 rounds of .22 Long Rifle is quite a bit for a single-shot.
The man was subsequently charged with two counts of killing a deer with a gun during bow season and two counts of hunting deer with rimfire ammunition.
Provo, UT, January 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Action Target is pleased to announce the release of a new line of steel targets specifically designed for .22 rimfire ammunition. The new Rimfire Steel product line includes seven reactive targets in addition to the rebranding of three existing targets (Rimfire Dueling Tree, Rimfire Spinning Jack, and Rimfire Plate Rack).