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Noun1.Ring Lardner - United States humorist and writer of satirical short stories (1885-1933)
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Ring Lardner, a sports writer and novelist, used hyperbole for comic effect.
* Veteran Chicago sportscaster Peggy Kusinski has been named broadcast recipient of the 2019 Ring Lardner Award for Excellence in Sports Journalism.
To this end, the exhibition featured The Afterimage Paintings, 2016, a work comprising four square silk screens showing white stars on terrazzo backgrounds interspersed with three neon signs spelling out the names of Hollywood screenwriters in red capital letters: alvah bessie, dalton trumbo, and ring lardner JR.
Trumbo and his cohorts, including Ring Lardner Jr., Edward Dmytryk, Howard Larson, Albert Maltz, and others, however, refused to play the committee's game and were sentenced to federal prison for contempt of Congress.
Waldorf Statement says the studios won't hire writers including Dalton Trumbo, Ring Lardner Jr., John Howard Lawson; director Edward Dmytryk.
Another novel blending real White Sox players with fictional characters was Ring Lardner's justly celebrated You Know Me Al, a collection of letters by Sox pitcher Jack Keefe to a friend back in Bedford, Indiana.
Authors examined include Ring Lardner, Frank Stockton, and Eric Rolfe Greenberg.
Written contemporaneously with Ring Lardner's finest baseball fictions, The Redheaded Outfield reflects the special additions to baseball writing provided by Lardner and by Charles Van Loan, another journalist turned fiction writer--humor and complexly outrageous characterizations combined with a rich employment of vernacular that catches baseball's most American local color splendors.
The editors, three working journalists, have assembled an all-time, all-star lineup, one that includes such luminaries as Margaret Fuller, Ernest Hemingway, Murray Kempton, Ring Lardner, O.
A division entitled "Civility, Tolerance, and Compassion," opens with a story by the early 20th-century sportswriter Ring Lardner. A couple has moved to a new suburb and the neighbors invite them to a bridge night.
153: You Know Me, Al- stories by Ring Lardner (1916)