ring back

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ring back

(Telecommunications) (adverb) to return a telephone call (to)
يَتَصِلُّ ثانِياًيَرُدُّ على المُكالَمَه
zavolat zpátkyzavolat zpět/znovu
ringe tilbage
soittaa takaisin
ponovno nazvati
다시 전화하다
zavolať znova
ringa tillbaka
daha sonra telefonla aramakgeri aramak
gọi điện lại

w>ring back

(esp Brit)
vt sepzurückrufen


(riŋ) past tense rang (raŋ) : past participle rung (raŋ) verb
1. to (cause to) sound. The doorbell rang; He rang the doorbell; The telephone rang.
2. (often with up) to telephone (someone). I'll ring you (up) tonight.
3. (often with for) to ring a bell (eg in a hotel) to tell someone to come, to bring something etc. She rang for the maid.
4. (of certain objects) to make a high sound like a bell. The glass rang as she hit it with a metal spoon.
5. to be filled with sound. The hall rang with the sound of laughter.
6. (often with out) to make a loud, clear sound. His voice rang through the house; A shot rang out.
1. the act or sound of ringing. the ring of a telephone.
2. a telephone call. I'll give you a ring.
3. a suggestion, impression or feeling. His story has a ring of truth about it.
ring a bell
to have been seen, heard etc before, but not remembered in detail. His name rings a bell, but I don't remember where I've heard it before.
ring back
to telephone (someone who has telephoned). If he is busy at the moment, he can ring me back; He'll ring back tomorrow.
ring off
to end a telephone call.
ring true
to sound true. His story does not ring true.

ring back

يَتَصِلُّ ثانِياً zavolat zpátky ringe tilbage zurückrufen επιστρέφω κλήση devolver la llamada, volver a telefonear soittaa takaisin rappeler ponovno nazvati richiamare 電話をかけなおす 다시 전화하다 terugbellen ringe tilbake oddzwonić telefonar de volta перезванивать ringa tillbaka โทรกลับ geri aramak gọi điện lại 回复电话
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"Then the murderer, or whoever it was, first took off this ring you call the nugget ring, then the wedding ring, and afterwards put the nugget ring back again."
"Look here, Rosy, I've put the ring back, and I'm going to try again.
Grewgious, 'I charge you once more, by the living and by the dead, to bring that ring back to me!'
And she left him hurriedly, still wringing and rubbing her fingers, as though she hoped to bring the ring back like that.
"At least," she said slipping her ring back to its old position, "what other word describes the state we're in?"
After getting separated from socialite and reality TV star Paris Hilton, Chris Zylka wants the $2 million (Dh7.34 million) engagement ring back.
Reports said that her American actor and model former boyfriend wanted the 20-carat diamond ring back, but Paris' camp said that the ring does not belong to the actor.
Zylka, a 33-year-old actor and model, reportedly wants the ring back and even may have the law on his side, as per TMZ in November.
The man's post was slammed with over a hundred comments criticising his 'alarming behaviour' when he wrote: "Can I get the ring back and cancel the engagement please?"
The Glo Caller Ring Back Tune service is primed in such a way that subscribers can download up to 5 different tunes and also assign all friends and colleagues' designated numbers to any 4 of the 5 tunes.
Tell your mum she can have her ring back for PS400 BUYER IN FACEBOOK MESSAGE TO ACCUSED