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brilliant-cut gemstone


a. A belt or sash worn around the waist.
b. Something that encircles like a belt.
c. An elasticized, flexible undergarment worn over the waist and hips to give the body a more slender appearance.
2. A band made around the trunk of a tree by the removal of a strip of bark.
3. The edge of a cut gem held by the setting.
4. Anatomy The pelvic or pectoral girdle.
tr.v. gir·dled, gir·dling, gir·dles
1. To encircle with a belt.
2. To form a circle around: a ring of hills that girdled the city.
3. To remove a band of bark and cambium from the circumference of (a tree), usually in order to kill it.

[Middle English girdel, from Old English gyrdel; see gher- in Indo-European roots.]


1. The removal of bark from right around the trunk or branch of a tree or shrub caused by pests, such as rabbits and deer.
2. See barkringing.
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During one recent week volunteers reported details of nine new dens, damage to the historic stone way markers and the new signs, as well as trees - including deliberate ring barking of a young tree.
In fact, several techniques of control have been proposed in reports since the year 1998 and one of the most feasible techniques which may be used is the Ring barking method where the plant dies standing, as proposed by the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation.
One answer is ring barking, the removal in winter of a half inch wide strip of wood encircling the trunk taking care not to cut into the cambium layer.