Ring canal

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(Zool.) the circular water tube which surrounds the esophagus of echinoderms.

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Contract notice: study of the f42 cyclist bridge in ghent cycle highway over noordervak - ring canal around ghent
Anatomy examination covered observation on gonad, pyloric ceca, spine, ambulacral ridge, cardiac stomach, mouth, ring canal, and tube feet and photographs were displayed in Figure 3.
Charity canoeist Justin Miles, who has been paddling 106 miles around the Warwickshire Ring canal system, was dismayed when he reached big city Birmingham's waterways.
The pair set off from the restaurant to complete a 108-mile round trip of the Warwickshire Ring canal route on paddleboard and canoe, over four days, in aid of The Children's Trust.
ADVENTURER Justin Miles visits the West Midlands this Bank Holiday weekend for his latest challenge - paddling the 106 miles around the Warwickshire Ring canal system.
A 68-YEAR-old grandmother will set out today on a 100-mile charity walk round the Cheshire Ring canal network.
Burden shipped a 12-ton Navy surplus steamroller from his home outside Los Angeles to Vienna (this global, transoceanic voyage had been at the core of Burden's original concept for the MAK, Ring Canal Project, 1995, which proposed flooding Vienna's Ring Canal and linking it to the Danube, making possible a completely amphibious transport).
The major components of the system are the circumoral ring canal, the radial canals extending from the ring canal down each arm, and the tube feet with their associated ampullae that are connected to the radial canal by the lateral canals.
Justin was part of a team that completed a 106-mile paddle around the Warwickshire Ring canal system, starting in Leamington on Friday, May 4, and finishing in Birmingham on the afternoon of May Bank Holiday Monday.