Ring fence

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a fence which encircles a large area, or a whole estate, within one inclosure.
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I left it behind me, opened a little gate in a ring fence, and found myself in a plantation of fir-trees.
It was then followed up in 2012 by the Welsh Government's Together for Mental Health strategy which reinforced the commitment to the continuation of the ring fence.
Global Banking News-October 7, 2014--British banks have three months to submit ring fence plans
According to the report: "Enforcing a rigid ring fence around UK banking activities risks creating a swathe of unintended consequences including further closures of high street branches and even the end of 'free' banking.
Addressing staff at US investment banking giant JP Morgan in Bournemouth, southern England, he said: "My message to the banks is clear: if a bank flouts the rules, the regulator and the Treasury will have the power to break it up altogether -- full separation, not just a ring fence.
As well as the ring fence, the commission, chaired by former Office of Fair Trading boss Sir John Vickers, said banks should set aside a larger cash base than currently required to cushion the blow of potential losses or future financial crises.
The commission said a retail ring fence - designed to protect everyday banking functions from riskier investment activities - would be designed to "make it easier and less costly to resolve banks that get into trouble" and without taxpayers' help.