Ring-tailed eagle

(Zool.) a young golden eagle.

See also: Ring-tailed

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It was 1958 or 9, and I Was walking home along An old gravel footpath That cut through the woods Behind an animal hospital And past an open, fenced Area where, on that day, A ring-tailed eagle, his Wing feathers cropped And one black claw tethered To a spike in the ground, Was perched inside a hoop Wound round with patches Of carpet-backing: From a distance it looked Almost like a coin grown Huge and lusterless as if Filtered through a lens; But a snow had just fallen The night before, and the sun Had not risen above the tops Of the trees, and everything At that hour--woods and gravel, Fenceposts and snow-scrim-- Everything seemed as if caught Under glass, aswarm in a light Sieving the landscape with Its watery dredge.