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The tone or audio recording that a caller hears when the telephone being called is ringing.
retour de sonnerie
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Roughly 96% of those earnings came from physical sales (CDs) with digital revenues only contributing to a little over 4% (mainly from sales of ringback tones that telecommunication companies make).
These range from radio stations to sale of songs in form of ring tones or caller ringback tones.
Last year MuzicUp had over 5m ringback tone downloads.
AdVoice replaces the Ringback tone, the tone that people hear while making a phone call, with an audio ad (AdRBT).
Ringback Weitoft, "Socioeconomic differences in road traffic injuries during childhood and youth: a closer look at different kinds of road user," Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, vol.
* User can Send or Detect (Ringing incoming call, Dial, Ringback, Busy, Fast Busy, SIT Tones and more)
But even in rural areas, mobile apps make it easy for people to use prepaid phone credits to pay for ringtones, ringback tunes, and MP3 downloads.
For instance, a ringback tone service allows users to set personalized music for callers to hear while the phone rings.
Na decada de 2000, o mercado de fonogramas digitais no Brasil se dividia entre a venda de produtos e servicos via telefonia celular (MP3, chamadas de telefonia, ringback tones etc.) e pela internet.